Album Review: Elektrodeth – Digital Apocalypse

Elektrodeth - Digital Apocalypse

Elektrodeth [Singapore/Malaysia]
Digital Apocalypse
Industrial Death Metal

Elektrodeth is the new project of Rudra‘s Vinod, and the band labels themselves “extreme trance metal”. A label as such already gives a hint towards the sound that one can expect on Digital Apocalypse, their debut EP. Along with that futuristic, sci-fi themed kick ass album artwork, one eagerly anticipates the aural assault that this duo brings to us.

One’s curiosity is quickly addressed right from the start with Cyberterrorism, as the band introduces listener to their musical style with a nice fusion of electronic, trance beats (courtesy of Ashok) and aggressive, almost death metal riffs of Vinod. Unlike what Vinod has come to be known for with his works with RudraElektrodeth presents a vastly different musical style, as he goes from black metal-inspired trem-picking riffs to more urgent thrashy vibes. Yet the melodic aspects are not forgotten, as Vinod also shows off his chops throughout the record with infectious, melodic leads and solos.

The urgency of the riffs presented by Vinod is made all the more pressing with the programmed beats on the record, and the entire mood of chaos and danger quickly brought to mind the excellent blackened industrial band Iperyt and their love of war and destruction.

In all honesty, while Cyberterrorism kicked off the album rather weakly (I thought Cellular Militants would be a cooler introductory track instead), things heat up and get exciting quickly enough for one to be enthralled with the genius that is on Elektrodeth‘s debut release. My only gripe is that the entire experience is way too short, clocking in at merely 16 minutes.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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