Album Review: Empty – Etica Profana Negativa

Empty - Etica Profana Negativa

Empty [Spain]
Etica Profana Negativa
Full Length
Osmose Productions
Black Metal

Since 1995, Spanish black metal horde Empty has been spreading their brand of hatred, and with their last album, 2009’s The House of Funerary Hymns once again proving Empty‘s influence on the genre in the region, the band this year returns with yet another highly anticipated full length onslaught, Etica Profana Negativa.

The ritualistic atmosphere that the band evokes on album opener …And Also Misery (Pt. 1) quickly leaves one feeling with a heavy sense of unease, with the spoken vocals over the dissonant chords of Orgall and Vanth sending shivers down one’s back. Things only get more disturbing as the album progresses, and right from Terrifying Lucidity of the Wakefulness one is treated to a style of black metal that is not unlike that of atmospheric, ambient bands such as NargarothSatanic Warmaster or even USBM legends Judas Iscariot, with that slightly folkish, pagan vibe that the band manages to conjure. For the most part though, Empty engages in a style that is more akin to that of the early Norwegian forefathers such as Mayhem or Gorgoroth.

Yet it is the entire ritualistic feel of Empty that makes the band such an enchanting one, and Etica Profana Negativa a captivating album. Through the usage of Gregorian chants at the background of songs like Terrifying Lucidity of the Wakefulness one is easily reminded of Hellenic black metal acts such as Acherontas and Acrimonious, done perhaps through the ability to intertwine melody in the solos on the album with the chaos and unsettling emotions brought about on the record, which is certainly noteworthy and exciting.

With new releases such as this and Cainan Dawn‘s Thavmial, Osmose Production once again proves their penchant for releasing unique extreme acts and for capturing the imaginations of their followers. Empty‘s Etica Profana Negativa stands high in comparison to labelmates Cainan Dawn in producing some of the most memorable black metal releases for 2014 so far.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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    New drummer are really amazing!!!! Hail Empty.

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