Album Review: Enoid – The New World Murder

Enoid - The New World Murder

Enoid [Switzerland]
The New World Murder
Full Length
Black Metal

Having already encountered Ormenos and his black metal mastery with the two Borgne releases, it is nice to hear something out of yet another solo black metal project of his – Enoid. Forming back in 1995 and going through numerous name changes, The New World Murder is the project’s fifth full length album, and having already encountered the epic, atmospheric material of Borgne, it definitely leaves me wondering how different Enoid would be.

Introductory track Angriffslust almost left me thinking that The New World Murder would be no different from releases like Royaume des Ombres, with the atmospherics that’s present on the track, but any of such impression is thrown apart as soon as Hate hits the listener. Brutal, relentless drumming batters the listener, and the urgency and belligerence that is exuded by Enoid thus far easily reminds one of the militant, war metal onslaughts of bands such as Goatpenis and the likes. Yet the band throws one another curveball soon enough, as one is again presented with a style that is rather reminiscent of Finnish bands such as Satanic Warmaster or Horna, with the cold and bleak trem-picked riffs, along with the screechy vocals of Ormenos, who bears quite an uncanny resemblance to Werwolf.

Despite the seemingly numerous shifts in the musical style on The New World Murder, chaos is a running theme throughout the album. The shifts that the band display as the album progresses often come in rather unexpectedly, and when these happen the listener is often thrown off-guard, taking the time to once again adapt to the new mood or atmosphere that the band is presenting.

Production quality on The New World Murder is, unsurprisingly, extremely raw, yet this does not affect the enjoyability of the album. Throughout the album, one is reminded of earlier or demo releases of Satanic Warmaster, with the unpolished production complementing the grimness and destruction that Enoid seeks to relate to the listener.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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