Album Review: Enshadowed – Magic Chaos Psychedelia

Enshadowed - Magic Chaos Psychedelia

Enshadowed [Greece]
Magic Chaos Pyschedelia
Full Length
Pulverised Records
Black/Death Metal

9 long years after their previous album, Greek black/death metal outfit Enshadowed returns with renewed vengeance with their third full length album Magic Chaos Pyschedelia. The enchanting album artwork is sufficient to captivate one upon first viewing, but what is really exciting here is the material that is contained in this 40-odd minute release.

The band proves that they have not lost their touch at crafting brutal black metal (and they shouldn’t considering the long list of splits in between the releases). The similarities to such Swedish bands as Dark Funeral are rather clear from the start with the violent, blasting form of black metal with that ever so touch of death metal aggression that is infused into their music. And while the riffing in itself is pretty fucking aggressive in itself, what really pushed the music to the edge is the drumming on the album, the constant blasting that almost doesn’t let up at all until the end of the album. As the album progresses as well, the fusion between the death and black metal playing styles bring in Polish black/death stalwarts such as Behemoth and Infernal War, especially on songs like Is Venit Ex Abyssus, complete with the speed and blasphemous intents. Riffing on songs like Black Holes, Death Planets even brings in a slight Impiety influence. Vocalist Serpent also changes his vocal style accordingly, ranging from your usual black metal shrieks to desperate shouts.

The songs are also masterfully crafted, and the listener is often kept on the edge with the constant chaos that goes on during the entirety of the album. Rather than a black/death record that has the sole intention of dishing out the fastest metal that they can, the band also displays their ability to write a balanced record. For instance, Black Holes, Death Planets bring in some mid-paced segments, and also displays the versatility on the drumming, with an almost martial feel to them. The straightforward number Dethroned also brings about some resemblance to the brilliant Panzer Division Marduk, with the outright brutality, while songs like Inner Psy-Trip show a, perhaps more intimate side of the band with the emotions that are infused, especially towards the end of the track with the keyboards that play a rather melancholic melody.

And as the album drew to a close with the title track Magic Chaos Psychedelia, the band also slows down to almost a doom-pace, reminding all of the impending death that comes to us all. All sound effects such as the female vocals sounding like a haunting hymn, and that overbearing, droning guitars all help to reinforce that ominous atmosphere, crushing the listener beneath. The percussions and instrumentation on the track further makes it feel as though one were transported into a midst of a rites in a temple, causing a trance-inducing effect on the listener, living up to its title, and making this track the personal highlight of the album, sounding like a black/doom version of bands like Rudra.

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