Album Review: Entartung – Krypteia

Entartung [Germany]
Full Length
World Terror Committee
Black Metal

Within one year of their formation, Germany’s Entartung has released their debut full length album, Krypteia, on underground German black metal label, World Terror Committee. Despite their recent formation, the quality of the music that is present on the album will display the duo’s talents, and display a style that puts them apart from fellow German bands such as Endstille, and the recent more recent Eternity release.

As the album opens with Flucht In Die Finsternis, the heavy influence from Finnish black metal bands are clear. The bleak riffing styles and the melodic riffs of Lykormas immediately brings to mind those of Satanic Warmaster, and the resemblance becomes clearer with the semi-howls and shrieks of Vulfolaic, sounding like a cross between Hoath’s work on Sargeist and that of Satanic Werwolf. There is a certain sense of desolation that lingers in the air throughout the album, what with the desperate shouts that Lykormas provides at the background at certain points of the album, like a desperate, yet fruitless plea that goes unheard. There are also the subtle keys and synths of Vulfolaic that are present throughout the album, at times shrouding the music in a fog of mystery.

Unlike many new black metal bands, Entartung‘s songwriting prowess is proven on Krypteia as the tracks that are present on the album are smooth with no moments of awkwardness at all, transiting between different styles with ease. For example, in the middle of Der Sieg Der Vergänglichkeit, the band almost tricks the listener into thinking that the track was ending, but instead has a surprise put in place, placing the listener into some of the slower and most haunting moments on the album, yet somehow all the while sounding extremely natural in its flow. Despite the rather long run times of the tracks on the album, there is not a single boring moment, with each moment on the album placed purposefully,  and when the band is not going at full speed, they ensure that the listener is kept enchanted with that depressive mood and atmosphere in the music, such as on Über Die Grenzen Des Todes, where the softer moments help to build the tension and sense of unease in the air before the final onslaught. In fact, it is the slower tracks that are some of the most enjoyable moments personally, such as Drei Milliarden Herzschläge.

What made Finnish bands such as Satanic Warmaster and Sargeist so captivating to me on my initial forays into black metal were the heavy atmosphere and that sense of melody and desperation that were in the music of the band, and few bands have managed to really recreate such feelings. However, Entartung has certainly displayed their talents with Krypteia, and this has been a nice, nostalgic journey and is sure to please fans of the aforementioned bands. In short, a truly charming release.

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