Album Review: Erebus Enthroned – Temple Under Hell

Erebus Enthroned - Temple Under Hell

Erebus Enthroned [Australia]
Temple Under Hell
Full Length
Seance Records
Black Metal

After their excellent debut Night’s Black Angel in 2011, my fascination in Aussie black metal band Erebus Enthroned grew, and with this year’s release of their brand new full length Temple Under Hell, my anticipation was finally satisfied.

Erebus Enthroned‘s last album Night’s Black Angel saw the band taking a style that is rather reminiscent of Swedish black metal overlords Watain, with a sound that would have pleased fans of Denouncement Pyre‘s last album Almighty Arcanum. But with Temple Under HellErebus Enthroned seems to take a rather different approach in their musical style and songwriting, and this is obvious right from the start of Sorathick Pentecost, as the band introduces the album with a mid-pace and a trance-inducing lead guitar line. Being more than 10 minutes long, Erebus Enthroned certainly doesn’t hold back in throwing some of their best material to listeners with Sorathick Pentecost, with the band going through a whole range of emotions on the track, ranging from the ritualistic start to the more aggressive style as the track progresses.

While the faster moments on the album retain that rather Swedish touch of Watain or Ondskapt, it seems that the focus on Temple Under Hell is more on the atmosphere evoked by the music. The cold and hostile atmosphere that the band creates on Temple Under Hell easily reminds one of the early material of bands such as Mayhem or Gorgoroth, complementing the unease and disturbance unleashed by the music of Erebus Enthroned. What was extremely enchanting were the ritualistic elements that were included on the album, and this not only done through the mid-pace of the band, but also in the usage of chants strategically placed throughout the album.

Temple Under Hell is a vastly different animal when compared to Night’s Black Angel, and the atmospheric experience certainly works in favour of Erebus Enthroned, rather than simply creating yet another replica of their past works, displaying the immense progression that the band has made since then, yet sufficiently retaining some of their original identity to ensure that fans aren’t alienated from their new material.

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