Album Review: Eskhaton – Worship Death

Eskhaton - Worship Death

Eskhaton [Australia]
Worship Death
Full Length
Chaos Records
Black/Death Metal

Oceania has had it’s fair share of bestial black/death metal, with not only legends such as Bestial Warlust, but also bands like DiocletianWitchrist and Heresiarch bearing the torch of the belligerent and destructive genre. As though the brutality that these bands weren’t sufficient to cause major head trauma, Melbourne spits forth yet another band of similar veins in the form of Eskhaton, with their sophomore full length album Worship Death.

Eskhaton certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to dishing out death, and the chaos begins right from opening track Nekrochant, with the formless chaos sounding rather senseless and meaningless to the untrained ear. But instead this mindless destruction got me extremely excited, knowing that this is gonna be one hell of a war metal experience. The intensity that is on the album quickly reminds one of Canadian war metal horde such as Revenge and Conqueror, though the resemblance with the former is stronger what with the chaotic lead guitars that are thrown about throughout the album and that somewhat grindcore violence that is prevalent from start to end.

The cavernous atmosphere, conjured by the vocals of Invokocide even reminds one of the exploits of Heresiarch or Diocletian, complete with the battery of drummer Hammerkill and his James Read-style of drumming. The bestiality and somewhat ritualistic moments on the album such as the droning riffs also brings about comparisons to Archgoat or Mitochondrion, with that enchanting and entrancing style that is incorporated into Eskhaton‘s songwriting.

There hasn’t been much buzz in the war metal arena in the past few months, save for the recent Nechbeyth and Heresiarch EPs, but Eskhaton‘s Worship Death has managed to once again reignited that flame and passion for war metal. Worship Death is just 45 minutes of non-stop lambasting aural assault, and one that will perhaps fill the insatiable appetites of war metal maniacs.

[xrr rating=5/5]

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