Album Review: Evil Entourage – The Opposition

Evil Entourage [Mexico]
The Opposition
Chaos Records
Death Metal

Mexico’s Evil Entourage returns this year with yet another round of blasphemy with their brand new EP, The Opposition. Past experiences with extreme metal from Mexico have been pretty pleasant, with bands such as Hacavitz being some of the most notable ones. With already 2 full length albums under their belts, it would be pretty interesting to see what Evil Entourage is able to bring to the table.

The dosage is pretty brutal and merciless as martial-like drumming hits the listener immediately as the album begins with Insidious. And this relentless drumming style of David would be some of the personal highlights throughout the album, as he constantly litters the album with hard-hitting blast beats, yet doing so with complete ease. The riff-work of guitarist Chopper are equally brutal, as he alternates between burying the listener under a wall of sound and crushing, heavily palm-muted chugging riffs, leaving not a single moment for the listener to once catch his breath, and is often backed by bassist Paolo who not only provides that low-end growl, but also displays his ability with the fretwork at the background. Yet nothing is overly technical here and the band’s intention in simply delivering some of the most relentless and crushing music is more than fulfilled here, especially on the shorter tracks such as True Rejected.

The influences that the band has included here are numerous as well, with those from bands such as Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse shining through rather clearly, though tracks like Swathe to Blind even provides a slightly Swedish sound on some of the moments, especially the riffing style that Chopper tends to utilise at times. One other thing in particular that made this release rather charming was also the production of the album, where there is a rather nice mix of the raw and modern, with the drums, in particular the snares, having a rather raw, and war-metal sound to them, providing a stark contrast and nice primitive, barbaric feel compared to the other stuff going on around. The short interlude Oblitus Fidei is also rather interesting, reinforcing the ominous and rather martial atmosphere that pervades the record.

The Opposition certainly threw me off from start to the end, with the dosage of brutality  in the 20 minutes that is contained on this EP. Like most excellent releases, the only true gripe is the length of this release, and one can only wait and hope that Evil Entourage would remain on this path of blasphemy for future releases to come.

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