Album Review: Exhale – When Worlds Collide

Exhale - When Worlds Collide

Exhale [Sweden]
When Worlds Collide
Full Length
Pulverised Records
Death Metal/Grindcore

While the Swedish brand of old school death metal has kept me charmed in recent times, I haven’t had much experience with the grindcore side of this Scandinavian country, despite the stature of bands like NasumExhale would then be one of the first death/grind band that I take a proper listen to, and obviously this would go on to prove that I have put off discovering this genre of the country for way too long. When Worlds Collide is the band’s third full length release, three years after their sophomore album Blind.

The Nasum and Rotten Sound comparisons are immediately obvious right from the start of the album with Wrath Unleashed. The band fuses the classic old school Swedish death metal buzzsaw guitar tone with the anxious speed and intensity that is on the album, especially on shorter tracks such as Machinery and Concealed Within, that is rather reminiscent of classic grind bands such as Napalm Death and Brutal Truth, and everything on When Worlds Collide is intense and urgent as fuck.

Instead of focussing solely on the grind (and faster and chaotic) side of their craft, Exhale also goes back to their old school Swedish death metal roots at times, and this is most evident on tracks like Left Inside, a 7 minute track that sees the band present a slower side of their playing. And moments such as these easily remind one of compatriots such as Grave or Bloodbath with the crushing riffs that are present, and the blood-thirsty, belligerent moods that are conjured. The mid-pace and the riffs even bring in some resemblance to the newer (and slower) material of Marduk, only with a death/grind edge to the track.

Over the year, Pulverised Records has proven itself to be a force in old school Swedish-styled extreme metal releases, and Exhale‘s latest album is certainly a nice way to end 2013, and an excellent hint for the year to come in 2014.

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