Album Review: Exhumation – Hymn to Your God

Exhumation - Hymn to Your God

Exhumation [Indonesia]
Hymn to Your God
2012/2013 (Reissue)
Full Length
Dunkelheit Produktionen
Death Metal

Of all the extreme metal genres out of Indonesia, death metal in particular has caught my attention, with bands such as Siksakubur unleashing some of the most brutal releases from the region, to bands like Deadsquad and their weird as fuck combination of death metal and jazz. As though being reissued by German label Dunkelheit Produktionen weren’t enough to excite me, Exhumation has now even included a cover of Blasphemy‘s Ritual to their debut full length release, Hymn to Your God to make things even more interesting.

All Seeing Eye greets the listener with a slow riff, and that rather Eastern vibe that the band gives off with the introductory melody easily leads one to think of bands such as Rudra, along with that rather tribal beats that accompany the guitars. But things quickly heat up, and one is treated to a rather Polish style of death metal, with the relentless riffing and the deep growls of Punto reminding one of bands such as Vader or Hate, especially with the rather thrashy passages that are present on Hymns to Your God. At the same time, the band maintains that rather Eastern vibe throughout the album through the riffs that are unleashed by Yoga, and combined with the technicality that is on the album, there are moments where the style of Exhumation can get rather reminiscent of Nile.

On the Dunkelheit reissue, instead of the cover of Venom‘s To Hell and Back as the closing track, the band has included Ross Bay legends Blasphemy‘s Ritual as the bonus track, and as a fan of the bestial style of black/death metal this certainly got me excited, with the track being one of my favourites from the band. Exhumation manages to give a brutal spin to the track, and while the track certainly sounds different from the original, they fortunately manage to retain that overall blood-thirsty vibe of the original.

Exhumation‘s debut album has once again gone to display the quality of the death metal releases out of Indonesia, made even sweeter with the inclusion of some unique elements into death metal, resulting in Hymns to Your God a release with a sound and style that they can proudly call theirs.

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