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Exivious [USA]
Full Length
Season of Mist
Progressive Metal

I was extremely drawn to Exivious the first time I heard of them, when I was first exposed to the Dream Theater side project, Liquid Tension Experiment, and my obsession with instrumental metal/rock. 2009 saw the band releasing their self-titled debut, before their hiatus in 2010. A short year later the band fortunately came out of their hiatus, and here we are 2 years later with their sophomore full length album Liminal.

With band members Robin and Tymon boasting Cynic in their portfolio, it perhaps isn’t surprising for one who is unfamiliar to the band to quickly draw comparisons between the two. The calming soundscape and the technicality that they, along with the rest of the band presents on Liminal certainly goes to prove that the comparison is not unjustified. The technicality that the band exudes is incredible, and the individual band members complement each other throughout the album, with influences being rather wide-ranging, the most obvious being the jazzy influences that the band has included.

The chemistry between the band members is evident. While each of the members may seem to be doing their own thing, when all the instruments are put together Exivious sounds like an extremely coherent, technical yet melodic unit. The melodic aspects of the band certainly shine through as well, and brings out the emotions in the listener, especially with the soaring leads that cut through the complexity and technicality on the album.

Each of the members in Exivious are masters of their instrument, and with Liminal the band proves that they are equally capable songwriters, and to be honest this album certainly got my attention (and plays) more than their debut. Fans of the aforementioned Liquid Tension Experiment or bands like Gordian Knot and the related Cynic will probably easily fall in love with this album.

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