Album Review: Expurgate – Dementia Tremens

Expurgate - Dementia Tremens

Expurgate [USA]
Dementia Trements
Full Length
Comatose Music
Brutal Death Metal

Brutal death metal band Expurgate‘s debut full length album Dementia Tremens is a relentless piece of art, and with the band boasting themselves to be the “only slamming brutal death metal band out of Denver”, Dementia Tremens fortunately manages to cause some nice, impactful impressions on those who chance upon them for the first time.

The influences that the band draws from such bands as Suffocation are immediately clear as the listener is greeted with crushing, heavily palm-muted riffs right from the start with 01 86. The entire listening journey of Dementia Tremens is brutal as fuck, with everything put in place by the band to ensure that nobody comes out with a neck that isn’t sore. While the heavy chugging style of Ian packs most of the punch in the music, songs like Fermented Concubine Ingurgitation see him providing a generous dosage of pinch harmonics, reminding one of other contemporary acts such as Cerebral Bore. Apart from the crushing riffs unleashed by Ian, bassist Devin also retains a high presence throughout the record, providing a threatening growl at the background, easily executing the complex basslines, and along with the punchy bass tone one is reminded of bands such as Defiled.

Chris’ drumming on the album is especially spectacular and complex as hell, and he easily displays his versatility as the album progresses, from the furious blast beats that he executes without much effort to the slower, heavier segments where he punishes his kit with merciless hits to the skin. And while the pig squeal style of vocals is hardly my favourite style, Jaymes manages to put all the various instruments together, and the alternating between pig squeals and the more traditional death growls definitely works well on Dementia Tremens.

The short run time of the album of 23 minutes also ensure that those who can’t sit still will be able to enjoy this album as well, giving a somewhat grindcore-feel, especially on tracks like Methamphetamine Induced Surrogacy Malformation.

Overall, Expurgate‘s Dementia Tremens displays the band’s nice fit to the Comatose roster, and if one likes slamming brutal death metal from Suffocation to Devourment to even their label mates Kraanium, this album would certainly not disappoint. 

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