Album Review: Falkenbach – Tiurida

Falkenbach [Germany]
Full Length
Napalm Records
Black/Folk Metal

After an excruciating and sometimes bleak wait of 5 to 6 long years for the new album of Falkenbach after Heralding The Fireblade, I finally got my hands on Tiurida.

I think it is ample enough to conclude why Falkenbach is still my favourite band (a tight close standing with Immortal, perhaps), considering as I gave the album my first listen and subconsciously the edges of my lips started to curve upwards and my head started to bob to the signature catchy-epic nature of Falkenbach’s music, with each passing song I found my mental and emotional aspects getting sucked into the feverish and glorious whirlpool that Falkenbach so effortlessly conjures.

It’s unstoppable with songs like “…Where His Ravens Fly…”, “Tanfana”, “Runes Shall You Know” and “Sunnavend” pushing the epic boundary linearly, with Vratyas Vakyas alternating between his majestic clean and gnashing harsh vocals expounding the usually beautifully written lyrics of ancient heroic tales, mixed with well placed guitar parts and occasional flute work. While tracks like “Time Between Dog And Wolf” reminded me of the more aggressive variation of Falkenbach that was reminiscent of a previous song like “Laeknishendr” and the bonus track in Tiurida – “Asaland” sounded with loose resemblance to the frenzied nature of “Baldurs Tod” or even “Gjallar”. It is undeniable that there is a certain magical alchemy in Falkenbach’s music. Even though, some scattered parts of the album does not resonate as profoundly and vividly as his previous works, I am sure with repeated listens, the album would grow on me.

That 5 to 6 years of wait was well worth it.

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