Album Review: Fastkill – Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer

Fastkill [Japan]
Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer
Full Length
Pulverised Records
Thrash Metal

Japan’s Fastkill has created a niche sound for itself over the years, with their energetic debut album in 2004, Infernal Thrashing Holocaust defining the style that they will play in in the coming years. The band this year releases their brand new album, Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer, and as expected from these Japanese thrash maniacs, the album promises to be one that is destructive yet catchy as hell.

The suitably titled album opener Kill Fast immediately introduces listeners to the familiar high-pitched shrieks of vocalist Toshio, accompanied by the razor sharp and highly precise pick attack of guitarists Akihiro and Jiro, sounding like a cross between early Teutonic thrash legends like Kreator with the speed and intensity that is present, and the chaotic riffing and lead guitar playing style of bands like Slayer, so what’s there not to like on this record? The album is fast as hell, and not a second is let up by the band for fans to catch their breath, yet this is the trademark style, and precisely the intention of the band, as drummer Kaz blasts like a maniac to keep the band in pace, and provides that electric energy that is present throughout the entirety of the album.

Apart from that, the unique vocals of Toshio that made the band stand out from otherwise similar-sounding counterparts are still present, as his shrieks often cause the hair on one’s back to stand on end, though this could be quite an obstacle for people unfamiliar to Fastkill. He also constantly pushes the limits of his vocals, and there are numerous moments on the album where he attempts that famous Tom Araya-styled Angel of Death shriek, proving his vocal prowess. The band’s passion for thrash metal and their ethics are clearly shown on the themes that revolve around thrash metal, such as In Thrash We Trust. Yet, there is also the running themes of destruction and war that the band has written over the years like on Merciless Onslaught.

There are bands that evolve with every record, exploring new styles and new sounds. But there are also bands that have managed to find their sound early in their career, and Fastkill is certainly one of such bands, with little shifts in their style. Sure, some could easily complain that there is nothing new on Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer when compared to the previous Nuclear Thrashing Attack. But try putting this record on and not enjoy it. I challenge you.

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