Album Review: Goat Semen – Ego Svm Satana

Goat Semen - Ego Svm Satana

Goat Semen [Peru]
Ego Svm Satana
Full Length
Hells Headbangers Records
Black/Death Metal

South American fascination with the bestial style of extreme metal isn’t something new, with founding fathers of the genre such as Sarcófago resulting in the spawning of bands such as Infernal Curse and the likes. Peruvian band Goat Semen was formed in 2000, and over the years have released nothing but splits and demos. This year the band finally drops their full length album, Ego Svm Satana and which better label to release it under than Hells Headbangers?

15 years of desecration is not in vain, as Goat Semen doesn’t take long to prove their worth as one of Peru’s most barbaric black/death metal act. Right after Letanias de Satan, things heat up quickly with Holocausto, bringing the chaos of death and destruction right to the listener. The cacophony of noise that hits the listener, along with the Spanish vocals and barbaric vocal delivery of Neyra easily reminds one of the works of bands such as Morbosidad, and the sweet and short assault, with that thrashy edge in the songwriting brings in some Blasphemophagher elements as well.

Every effort of each of the band members over here is to ensure that Ego Svm Satana maintains as chaotic a record as possible. Beleth’s playing in particular gives a nice, almost Revenge feel, with his leads often being formless and fast as fuck. Drummer Julio, along with the vocals of Neyra also brings in some Black Witchery moments, adding to the overall aggression to the listening experience. Warfare Noise even feels like a more dangerous Slayer. Of course, one of the highlights here is the 10-minute epic Hambre, where Goat Semen does not hold back at all in ensuring total domination of the listener.

The songwriting is stellar, with Goat Semen often being able to maintain that sense of order amidst all the chaos. The 15-year wait for Goat Semen‘s debut has certainly not been for nothing.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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