Album Review: Godsire – Progenitus

Godsire - Progenitus

Godsire [Singapore]
Industrial/Melodic Death Metal

Under their previous moniker, Messenic, I had the pleasure to listen to what this Singaporean death metal horde was brewing, featuring Clarence, who handles vocals for his melodic death metal band Assault, along with TY, the mastermind behind the band. Unfortunately Messenic bore no actual fruit, with the band instead changing their name to Godsire, at the same time shifting their musical style to the one that they present on their debut EP, Progenitus.

Long story short, Progenitus packs a punch and is a nice surprise to fans of melodic and industrial death metal, and displays some of the best works of each of the musicians involved in the project. From the start of the EP, Panoptic Universe easily sounds like what bands such as The Project Hate or The Monolith Deathcult would put out, with the layering of synths with the aggressive riffs that are unleashed by Ty and that overall rather sterile (and excellent) polished and sterile production quality of the EP. The bass of Ishaan also helps to ensures a warm tone and crushing heaviness on the release, though it wouldn’t have hurt to have his bass mixed higher in some moments of the EP.

Clarence also displays his influences clearly over here, and Progenitus is easily the best work of his so far. Coupled with the songwriting on tracks like Cybernetic Wyvern, his vocals at times bring about some comparisons to such vocalists as Christian Alvestam, someone who he has cited as one of his major influences for a long time now.

Perhaps my only gripe is in the programmed drums and its tone on the album, though Ty manages to make them sound pretty natural for the most part, and tracks like The Crossed Out God is a nice display of his programming wizardry.

I haven’t been much of a fan of the industrial style of death metal, let alone one originating from Singapore. Godsire‘s debut EP has certainly sparked my interest in this particular sub-genre, and this band is definitely one to look out for.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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