Album Review: Gravehill – Death Curse


Gravehill [USA]
Death Curse
Full Length
Dark Descent Records
Black/Death/Thrash Metal

Gravehill is one of those bands that defy genre classifications, and if there really is a need for a description for their style of music, it can be summarised as “old school”. Having followed the band since their 2009 debut release Rites of the Pentagram, it is exciting to hear what the band has put in place for their third full length album this year, simply entitled Death Curse.

Opening track Gates of Hell lays down an ominous mood for the listener, and leaves one anxious in anticipation. But all hell break loose quickly with the title track, Death Curse, and that anxious pace that the band kicks off Death Curse with, one would almost find rather striking resemblance to filthy, bestial bands such as Blasphemophagher, though Gravehill certainly manages to bring in a style that is more old school in their own way.

The recruitment of two new axemen Hell Messiah and CC DeKill have done nothing to reduce the intensity of the music and the impact that their craft has on the listener, as they unleash a flurry of furious riffs, alternating between a frantic, thrashier style and one that is more sloppy, reminding one of the good old days of Venom or Nunslaughter. The chaotic lead guitars on tracks like At Hell’s Command even brings in some Slayer or Morbid Angel vibes. There are even some moments of death ‘n’ roll and Swedish death metal, and the punkish vibe that the band indulges in also brings about some references to bands such as Bastard Priest, or Entombed and Dismember.

Band vocalist Mike Abominator has released a statement, claiming:

Fuck triggers! Fuck trends! Fuck technical bullshit! Fuck progress! AND FUCK YOU!”

And with the music on Death Curse Gravehil has more than stood by that creed, and those familiar with the genre would instinctively know what to expect on their third record. The sheer brutality on Death Curse would definitely hit home with fans old school death metal.

Gravehill on the internet:
Official website
Dark Descent Records

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