Album Review: Greensleeves – Inertial Frames

Greensleeves - Inertial Frames

Greensleeves [Brazil]
Inertial Frames
Full Length
Progressive Metal

Brazil, a country more known for their primitive, barbaric forms of extreme metal acts such as Sarcofago and Sepultura to more melodic acts such as Angra and Almah. Greensleeves fits more comfortably in the latter end of the spectrum with their melodic, but progressive style of metal, with Inertial Frames being the band’s second full length album in a career that has lasted more than 20 years. So, what does 21 years of cumulative musical experience sound like?

With Fireflies, one is reminded of the heavier material of bands like Dream Theater like Train of Thought with the crushing riffs of guitarists Cicero and Victor that hits the listener right from the start. The progressive sensibilities are obvious, as the band often incorporates odd time signatures in their songwriting, not unlike that of Dream Theater or other progressive giants such as Circus Maximus, though without as much technicality.

At the same time, they do not get too their heads too buried in creating complex, technical rhythms as the melodic aspects of their writing are also obvious, with moments that also reminded one of the works of bands like Pagan‘s Mind as well. And like most other power metal bands, songs like Unsolved also include some nice, softer moments, with the heavy layering of vocals on the track making it a nice power ballad without compromising that progressive aspect of their songwriting.

Unfortunately, there are a few rather awkward moments throughout the album, that belies the band’s years of experience. For instance, on Construct, there are moments where Guilherme struggles to hit the high notes, resulting in the band sounding rather amateurish for a band that has been around for this long.

Production-wise, the mixing of the album made the sound of the album pretty weird at times, especially with the vocals of Guilherme often being buried beneath the instrumental section of the band. Which is a shame considering the quality and the power of his vocals, which could have added a nice, power metal touch to Greensleeves‘ music. Even at other times, the rhythm section is often mixed louder than the leads, with solos often being overpowered by the loud rhythm guitars.

Overall, Inertial Frames is far from an offensive record, with moments of enjoyment that are present on the record. However, for a band that has been around for more than 20 years, perhaps one would expect something more, and things like the production of the album certainly slightly mar the listening experience of Greensleeves‘ sophomore.

[xrr rating=3/5]

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