Album Review: Hail of Bullets – III: The Rommel Chronicles

Hail Of Bullets - III The Rommel Chronicles

Hail of Bullets [Netherlands]
III: The Rommel Chronicles
Full Length
Metal Blade Records
Death Metal

By now I hope that everyone has heard Hail of Bullets. Skipping the introduction I’ll get straight to it. I’m sorry to say this, but I prefer HoB over Asphyx, Thanatos and Grand Supreme Blood Court even though they are all terrific bands! I really enjoy the sound of the band on this record. Quality production meets fantastic songwriting.

This being their 3rd album, I was hoping it would be more like the first album and their EP. Looking back, the album really is a bit of everything. It’s more varied. It’s groovy, aggressive. Evil as fuck. It’s very interesting to listen to. I really enjoyed it and still do! There are a few surprises, and moments that make you grin. The Wehrmacht soundclip ‘Panzer Rollen In Afrika Vor’ at the beginning ‘Swoop of the Falcon’ could have been a little louder but it certainly is a superb way to start a Hail of Bullets album. If you will: it’s HoB in a nutshell. ‘Pour le Merite’ is a bit more doomy and melodic. ‘DG-7’ (one of my personal favourites) is heavy as hell and just grooves throughout the entire song.

I could go on but I want you guys to have a listen too… I don’t really know what’s bad about this Album. It delivers exactly what it promises and will certainly find a place in every old school death metal fan’s rotting heart.

Hail of Bullets on the internet:
Official website
Metal Blade Records

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