Album Review: Horncrowned – Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus)

Horncrowned - DEFANATUS (Diabolus Adventus)

Horncrowned [Colombia]
Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus)
Full Length
Ketzer Records
Black Metal

With the recent spate of cold, bleak black metal releases, it is now time to turn our attention to the more aggressive and destructive style of the genre. Colombia’s Horncrowned was formed in 2001, and with 3 full length releases under their belt, the band this year releases their fourth full length album, Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus) a long 5 years after their previous 2009 onslaught.

The martial tone of Horncrowned is set early on the release, and one can feel the impending merciless destruction right from the introductory track, with what sounds like ominous marching, and distorted war cries surrounding the listener. All hell breaks loose quickly with Extinction’s Apotheosis (Finis Orbis Christiani), and with little warning at all the band goes into complete breakneck speed as the listener is enveloped in utter chaos. The speed and intensity that Horncrowned presents on Defanatus easily reminds one of the annihilation that bands like Infernal War create, especially so with the merciless battery of Bifrons that is so reminiscent of the assault of Stormblast on those Infernal War records.

At the same time, the combination of the Satanic, anti-Christian imagery along with such a martial style and tone especially on tracks like Christ’s Devotees Genocide (Sescenti Sedecim) sees comparisons being drawn to Marduk, especially with the guitars of Demongoat and BSK. The band often utilises quite a repetitive, though somewhat complex rhythmic section, broken by the slightly more melodic leads to give some semblance of sanity on Defanatus.

Unfortunately, with such releases, my attention span is usually short, and the constant, relentless bombardment while could easily be the entire point of Horncrowned‘s craft, left me quickly fatigued. Still, Defanatus is an impressive block of crushing black metal, and is recommended for fans of Marduk and Infernal War.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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