Album Review: Human Infection – Curvatures in Time

Human Infection - Curvatures in Time

Human Infection [USA]
Curvatures in Time
Full Length
Blast Head Records
Brutal Death Metal

With brutal death metal, one can never claim to have sufficient exposure to the genre. And despite 2014 already looking to be a rather good year for brutal death metal, American brutal death metallers Human Infection throws us yet another brand new record in the form of their sophomore full length album, Curvatures in Time.

The visual aesthetics that the band present on Curvatures in Time would almost lead one to expect Human Infection to sound along the lines of bands such as Defeated Sanity, but instead the band presents a sound that is closer to that of Nile or Hour of Penance right from the start with Celestial. The riffs of Andrew Matthews, combined with the hoarse vocals of Andrew Brown that remind one of Glen Benton, there are even moments where one can’t help but bring raise comparisons to Polish bands such as Vader and Hate

But of course, the technicality that the band presents also bring in some New York influences, and there are moments where the combination of the complexity exuded by Matthews coalesce with the relentless blast beats of Cj Giles to create a sound that is not unlike that of Suffocation or Dying Fetus, something that will certainly please fans of the more more technical end of the brutal death metal spectrum. The similarity is such that even the transitions between the faster, high-octane moments and the slower, yet more crushing moments remind one of the aforementioned.

Human Infection also manages to save itself from the pitfalls of being overly long and boring, and with Curvatures in Time being a short 30-minute release, the band ensures that those with short attention spans are satisfied, without compromising on the quality, or brutality of their music.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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