Album Review: Hyperial – Blood and Dust

Hyperial - Blood and Dust

Hyperial [Poland]
Blood and Dust
Full Length
BlackTeamMedia Records
Death Metal

Just as we thought that the year for Polish death metal could not get any better, with the release of Vader and the comeback album of Behemoth (and possibly one of their strongest releases), Hyperial drops their sophomore full length album, Blood and Dust. The band’s 2012 EP Industry left me rather surprised and extremely impressed and craving for more, and this year the band finally releases a 40-minute album to satisfy that craving.

The band wastes little time in their aural onslaught, and The Plague of the Used Masses quickly hits the listener like a freight train, and Hyperial easily proves themselves to be of Polish origin with the crushing intensity, both in the riffs of Grochu and Kula and that relentless, yet seemingly effortless blasting of Bocian. Coupled with the guttural vocals of Grochu, one quickly draws comparisons from the thrashy style of Vader to that somewhat blackened material of Behemoth or Hateespecially the sound on songs like In the Abyss of Madness.

Hyperial also doesn’t shy away from the utilisation of synths and keyboards to create a haunting, or heavy ambience on Blood and Dust, and In the Abyss of Madness sees the band’s first heavy usage of synths, giving a somewhat operatic feel to the track, at the same time leaving the listener with an anticipation of the next round of lambasting.  Other times the synths can also give a rather industrial tone to the band, not unlike the sound of The Project Hate, like on Gehenna Upon His Feet.

Blood and Dust is yet another worthy addition to the repertoire of exceptional death metal releases out of Poland, and Hyperial have once again gone on to prove the excellence of Polish death metal.

[xrr rating=5/5]

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