Album Review: I’m In A Coffin – One Final Action

I’m In A Coffin [USA]
One Final Action
Full Length
Black Metal

How do you take a band that is known as depressive black metal band seriously, when you have band members named Sad-ist and Adorable, and a band photo as such?:
Adorable and Sad-ist: redefining depression
But make no mistake, everything about I’m In A Coffin (IIAC) screams depression. Right from the band name, down to the details such as the album art (yes, depicting a man getting blindfolded and shot right through the heart), the album title, the song titles and song lyrics bleed depression and extreme sadness. And why am I not surprised that the label releasing this album is (aptly) called Mutilation Records.
To be honest, first listens and impressions were really bad. It was so bad that I could barely sit through even half of the first track. Album production is so low-fi and so raw that it instantly put the then-into-polished-production-quality-metal me off. But it wasn’t until recently that I decided to give this album another chance that I realised how much of a masterpiece this album is (and probably will be in years to come).
Right from the opening track, I’m A Weapon Against Myself, until the closing track, Life Is My Coffin, the listener is exposed to the suicidal art of IIAC. Instead of using the usual crushing guitar riffs or keyboards to create the ambience, IIAC chooses a powerful bass that almost drowns out the fuzzy trem-picked guitar riffs in the background, backed by simple 4/4 programmed drum beats. Simple as it may seem, this method certainly works effectively for IIAC as their message is clearly sent across to the listener. Coupled with the vocals, which alternate between your usual high-pitched black metal shrieks and the cries of extreme agony, the mood is well-set, even without the lyrics in the picture yet. Lyrics written by IIAC are, as expected from a depressive/suicidal black metal band, extremely negative, ranging from purely negative emotions to the celebration of death and finally leaving the world of misery.
This album certainly achieves it’s desired effect through the bleak outlook of life that the band provides to the listener, and is certainly infectious, whether it is conscious or not. The album has such a powerful effect that, believe it or not, manages to make a happy person feel depressed and a depressed person suicidal (hence the tag depressive/suicidal I suppose!). Simply listening to this album in a crowded area manages to build an invisible wall between the listener and the people all around, leaving the listener to slowly die (emotionally, psychologically, however you want to put it) in his own world.
Certainly deserving of more attention that it currently has. This is true agony, this is true pain, this is true depression. If you thought your “depressive” rock like Katatonia is as depressive as it gets, you have heard nothing until you get your hands on this album.
Recommended to all fans of depressive/suicidal black metal, low-fi black metal and raw black metal. Not recommended if you are feeling down.

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