Album Review: Impiety – The Impious Crusade

Impiety - The Impious Crusade

Impiety [Singapore]
The Impious Crusade
Hells Headbangers Records
Black/Death Metal

It seems that there is little time for rest for Impiety, with this Singahell war horde back again this year a after last year’s excellent death metal-oriented eigth full length record Ravage and Conquer. This time the band presents their first EP under Hells Headbangers Records, simply entitled The Impious Crusade. The first thing that would probably catch the Impiety fan’s eye is the album artwork, a sculture done by Lord Sickness and a far cry from his usual fare. But how different would the band’s aural assault be this time?

Not much, it turns out, but this says nothing of the quality of the music. Album opener Prelude (Arrival of the Assassins) quickly builds up the climax, and the aggressive assault brings about some nice Hate Eternal comparisons with the intensity that is in the air, and especially so with the excellent works of drummer Dizazter. With the material of Ravage & Conquer still fresh in one’s mind, one would almost expect the band to continue in their heavily death metal-influenced style, but Shyaithan and co. once again throws a nice surprise to the listener, and fans of mid-era Impiety would probably rejoice. As soon as all hell break loose with Commanding Death & Destroy, one quickly notices that the thrashy and chaotic edge that made albums such as Kaos Kommand and Paramount Evil such classics are once again included in the band’s onslaught. The riffing styles and patterns on songs like Accelerate the Annihilation even reminds one of songs such as Carbonized at times. Nizam’s wizardry on his instruments are also extremely evident, easily pulling out some of the most chaotic leads that is so classic of the Impiety sound.

The one track that really interested me was the band’s cover of Swedish death metal band Sorcery‘s Lucifer’s Legions, wondering how they would sound like covering a style that the band is hardly associated with. But Impiety proved more than capable to cover the classic Swedish death metal legends, and with the speed and intensity helped to make the track all the more thrashy, chaotic and memorable to the listener. Certainly better than a cover that simply emulates the original.

While Ravage & Conquer was a personally extremely enjoyable release, one thing that somewhat affected the impact of the album was in Shyaithan’s vocals, being too low in the mix. Fortunately The Impious Crusade avoids this pitfall, and Shyaithan’s commanding vocals certainly help in leaving a deeper impact on the listener.

The Impious Crusade sounds like a nice mixture and balance between the earlier and more recent works of Impiety, excluding the experimental foray that is Worshippers, and this is an EP that would leave fans of the band craving for more, leaving me eagerly anticipating the band’s upcoming full length as well.

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