Album Review: Incarnation of Seth – Legion of Seth

Incarnation of Seth [Singapore]
Legion of Seth
Melodic Death Metal

The story of Incarnation of Seth goes back to the days when they had another name, and the reformation and hence the current name Incarnation of Seth. Legion of Seth is their debut studio release, a 5 track EP.

Incarnation of Seth wastes no time as the band breaks into their first track, Beyond These Graves. A guitar riff, backed by a shreddy guitar line at the background, vocalist Ann breaks into an aggressive growl. Female vocalists are nothing too uncommon at this age of metal, but Ann certainly proves her ability on Legion of Seth with her vicious style of vocals.

The style that Incarnation of Seth plays is reminiscent of bands such as Children of Bodom or Norther, with strong keyboard presence in addition to the shredding and the melodic riffs pumped out by the guitars. While the keyboard solos are played smoothly, there are certain awkward moments on the guitar solos such as on Beyond These Graves, where it sounded as if the guitarist might have tried too hard to squeeze too many notes into the solo. At times the transitions between notes were also slightly awkward, disrupting the pace of the song. In addition to being the lead instrument, keyboardist Sid also provides the atmosphere to the songs, however, at times it proves to be smothering such as on Enslaved.

Songwriting of some of the tracks also gave rise to awkward moments, such as towards the end of Enslaved, where there was a sudden transition to an out-of-place soft moment before fading out to the next track, where the listener is introduced to the song with yet another short but awkward piano part. On Throne for Grievance, Incarnation of Seth does it again with the sudden speeding up of the song 0:43 and the sudden keyboard solo at 2:50 that sprang out of nowhere. It’s not about the change of pace per se, but more of how the band decided to throw the listener a curveball, speeding up more than what was expected.

However, besides these awkward moments, the record was generally a bearable and maybe even an enjoyable listen for fans of such genres. Production quality is surprisingly good for a debut EP, with none of the instruments being drowned out by another, which certainly helped in making this album a much more listenable EP.

Whatever it is, a sincere thank you to the band for passing a physical copy to me for review!

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