Album Review: Infecting the Swarm – Pathogenesis

Infecting The Swarm - Pathogenesis

Infecting the Swarm [Germany]
Full Length
Lacerated Enemy Records
Brutal Death Metal

Hailing from Germany, Infecting the Swarm is the latest band to put out their debut full length album, Pathogenesis under Lacerated Enemy Records, which has already impressed me over the past year with their excellent selection of brutal and technical death metal.

Yet despite their German roots, Infecting the Swarm has a sound that is more distinctively American. Right from opening track Ionic AnomalyInfecting the Swarm is relentless in their aural onslaught. The riffs that are unleashed by band mastermind Hannes is brutal as fuck, and the heavy chugging sections that the band tends to utilise easily brings to mind the style that bands like Devourment and Kraanium created and indulge themselves in. The chugging is often punctuated by more technical moments as well, intertwining the brutality with some sense of complexity, bringing in some New York sounds of Suffocation as well, with the vocal execution on Pathogenesis having a goregrind edge, and Hannes’ pig-squeals bring in some resemblance to more contemporary brutal acts such as Cerebral Bore at the same time. But the thing that tops off the experience is in the drumming on the album. Apart from being fast as fuck, the precision with which Hannes executes the drumming is clinically precise, and this is certainly one of the key things that make Pathogenesis such a joy to listen to.

What really blew me away though was the eventual discovery that up to the release of PathogenesisInfecting the Swarm was effectively a one-man project, with Hannes being the sole mastermind behind the band. Despite so, what is present on Pathogenesis is some extremely high quality brutal death metal, with a tinge of complexity and technicality to top off the entire listening experience. Fans of all aforementioned bands will surely be enamoured with Pathogenesis.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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