Album Review: Infernal Curse – The End Upon Us

Infernal Curse - The End Upon Us

Infernal Curse [Argentina]
The End Upon Us
Iron Bonehead Productions
Black/Death Metal

South America proves their barbarism again, as this year sees Argentina spits forth the new Infernal Curse EP, The End Upon Us. 2 years after their highly acclaimed debut full length, Awakening of the Damned, the war and chaos-hungry trio finally release more new material to satisfy the hunger for more bestial black/death metal.

The band hardly wastes any time in unleashing their terror upon the listener, and after a short intro on the title track The End Upon Us, things get ugly pretty quickly. Those expecting a nice traditional death metal release can expect otherwise, as the band quickly goes into war metal mode as the combination of the riffs of Nocturnal and the relentless, bestial drumming of Bestial Offensor quickly brings Ross Bay Cult legends Blasphemy to mind, along with similar acts such as Proclamation. There are even some Conqueror and Revenge resemblances, particularly in the chaotic and formless leads that Nocturnal throws in. The high amounts of echo placed upon his vocals also help to provide much of the mayhem on the album, not unlike that of the early works of Deiphago or Nyogthaeblisz.

One who knows the barbaric and filthy style of Ross Bay Cult will already know where this is going, but on The End Upon usInfernal Curse includes some slower moments to further reinforce the unease and tension in the air, bringing in some proto-black metal elements of Celtic Frost and the likes with that sense of impending doom.

The thing that made The End Upon Us such an enjoyable album as well is in the rather high mix of the bass of Deicidal Abominator, providing that aggressive and sinister low-end growl throughout the album. With the material that is on this release, Infernal Curse once again proves why they are one of the leading bestial black/death metal acts out of South America, and The End Upon Us will definitely leave fans of war metal craving for more after its short 4 track onslaught.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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