Album Review: Iron Lamb – The Original Sin

Iron Lamb [Sweden]
The Original Sin
Full Length
Pulverised Records
Thrash Metal/Crossover

Iron Lamb has been unleashing filthy rock ‘n’ roll since their formation in 2009, and features members of distinguished bands such as Dismember. The Original Sin is their debut release under Pulverised Records, and on first encounter, this certainly felt like an odd album/band under the Pulverised roster.

However, the foresight of Pulverised Records is soon proven once the 30 minutes of chaos on The Original Sin are over. With the sound of feedback and low rumbling bass lines, Iron Lamb begins their onslaught with punk-ish riffs, overflowing with energy right from opening track Rotten Wood. The vocals of Grga resembles that of Birth A.D.‘s Jeff Tandy, sounding almost like a furious spoken style, spitting out the lyrics of death and social commentary with much anger. The aggression in his vocals also emphasises the sense of urgency that is in the music. Jeff Tandy’s singing capability is also showed on I Don’t Wanna be Like You and while the ever-so-slightly out-of-tune singing could have very well been the intended effect of the band, yet it could let one heave a sigh of relief knowing that such singing moments are few throughout the album.

The guitar riffs are simple, yet manage to bring across the point of the band easily and are often enjoyable and melodic at the same time, such as the introductory riffs of The Original Sin. Similarly, the guitar solos, where present, are also usually short and sweet and on songs with the longer solos, they display the influences of guitarists Johan and Bäckelin, with the slight blues sound present and a nod towards old school rock ‘n’ roll bands such as Motörhead. For example, the introductory solo on Suicide! reminds me of licks that bands like Social Distortion would tend to come up with. On the same song as well, there are also riffs that remind listeners of Metallica‘s Seek and Destroy, only sped up and with more urgency added. The generally short and simple riffing and solos also do not mean that the axe-wielding duo lack capabilities on their instruments as evident on the face-ripping guitar solo on songs like Dubious Preacher.

Drummer Daun also keeps up with the groove of the band, such as the usage of the cowbells on songs like Our Demise. On tracks like Dubious Preacher and I Don’t Wanna be Like You, the bass lines of Ekeroth stand out, providing more than just the backbone of the music as it harmonises with the other stringed instruments as well. The placement and usage of the bass also leans more towards the punk style of music. The band has also included spoken vocals on I Don’t Like You, a sample taken off the movie, The Warriors and it certainly sets the mood for the track, stirring up any last bit of aggression and violence in the listener. The placement of the song towards the end of the album is also a good choice, giving listeners one last adrenaline rush before the album ends off.

The Original Sin, as the debut album of Iron Lamb, has proven to be a thoroughly enjoyable release through and through. Though not a typical band on the Pulverised Records roster of the usual death metal bands, The Original Sin is certainly recommended for fans of crossover thrash metal with a tinge of rock ‘n’ roll.

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