Album Review: Kongh – Sole Creation

Kongh - Sole Creation

Kongh [Sweden]
Sole Creation
Full Length
Agonia Records
Doom/Sludge Metal

It’s nice that Agonia Records has recently been announcing these doom/sludge/stoner signings, all in good time with my recent addiction to these genres. While Kongh has been around for quite some time now, their third full length album, Sole Creation is my introduction to these Swedes. While I have no idea at all what they would sound like prior to this, the album artwork certainly worked its charm in pulling me into this album.

What a pleasant surprise I had once the album kicked off with the title track, filling up the listener’s ears with sounds of guitar feedback, helping to set the uneasy mood for the record before letting all hell break loose. The sludgy sound that the band has here can be compared to bands such as Mastodon, yet Kongh manages to create a sound that is much heavier and also much more atmospheric, resulting in an album that is crushing as hell. The guitar riffs on the album, backed by that rather heavy bass presence and the rather simple drumming of Tomas ensure a rather groovy experience at the same time, along with the heaviness that comes with the downtuned guitars. The lead guitars are also heavily utilised throughout the album, wailing at the background and at times mirroring David’s vocal lines, reinforcing that tense atmosphere that is already in the air. The clean guitars in the middle of the title track, and the song progression even brings to mind later Opeth, with that tinge of progressive rock that the band has incorporated into their music.

David’s vocals on the album are also one of the things on the album that caught my attention, often alternating between high pitched, shriek/growl and clean vocals, with each style complementing the other in maintaining and emphasising the mood of the music. At times, his vocals, along with the doom pace that Kongh often goes at, bring about some comparisons to bands such as Yob, especially on Tamed Brute, and is sure to please fans of the style that the aforementioned has created. 

The entire album contains only 4 tracks, yet lasts almost 45 minutes, so expect each track to last in excess of 10 minutes. Yet Kongh manages to keep the listener completely enchanted throughout the journey, especially on closing track Skymning, the perfect specimen to the stylistics of Sole Creation. If you like your music heavy and groovy, with some progressive elements, Sole Creation is an album that would surely please your ears.

Kongh on the internet:
Official website
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