Album Review: Konkeror – The Abysmal Horizons

Konkeror - The Abysmal Horizons

Konkeror [USA]
The Abysmal Horizons
Full Length
Lacerated Enemy Records
Progressive Death Metal

2 years after its original release, progressive death metallers Konkeror‘s debut full length album The Abysmal Horizons finally gets reissue treatment via Lacerated Enemy Records. Complete with a refreshed cover artwork and a bonus Bolt Thrower cover track, The Abysmal Horizons promise to be an interesting and exciting journey for fans of death metal.

I, Monolithic introduces the listener to the rather diverse style of Konkeror, with the perfect fusion and balance of brutality and melody, and beneath the brutal riffs of guitarists Eric and Jake, the band often includes a nice melodic lead guitar at the backdrop. The technicality that they display throughout the album, along with the ease with which they execute complex riffs and time signature shifts easily remind one of bands such as Hour of Penance or Nile, if only overall slightly less brutal and more melodic. The speed that the band infuses also brings in a slight Polish vibe as well, and with the frantic battery of drummer Toby one is at times reminded of the material of Vader, and that usage of artificial and pinch harmonics on songs like Towers bring to mind the brutality and abrasiveness of Hate and Behemoth.

Yet the band does not simply indulge in a singular style, and speed is certainly not on the band’s top priority on the album. For instance, as songs such as Towers progress, the band goes into a more death/doom mode, and along with that melancholic lead guitar on the track, one can’t help but be reminded of the earlier material of death/doom pioneers Paradise Lost, albeit with a more updated and modern touch. Incantations even sees the band bring in some blackened elements, ensuring that the entire range of negative emotions are covered on the record.

The impact of The Abysmal Horizons is further reinforced through the excellent production on the album, which, for a record originally independently released, is extremely clean and polished to say the least, enabling each of the members to really shine on the record. The included cover of Cenotaph by Bolt Thrower is a nice surprise as well, closing the album on a high note, further displaying the influences that have gone into the writing of Konkeror‘s debut.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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