Album Review: Krieg – Blue Miasma

Krieg - Blue Miasma

Krieg - Blue Miasma (reissue)

Krieg [USA]
Blue Miasma
Full Length
No Colours Records/Forever Plagued Records (reissue)
Black Metal

Never really a fan of American black metal, I have heard the name of Krieg being thrown around quite often by friends who were into the genre, but never really bothered checking them out. With Forever Plagued Records now reissuing and remastering Krieg‘s 2006 album, Blue Miasma, this was finally my chance to sit down and really give a proper listen to this American outfit.

The depressive overtones on Blue Miasma and in Krieg‘s songwriting is immediately evident, with opening track The Great Beast Trembled in Nightmare being a spoken track, the ramblings of a man who is now devoid of all hope. Even as Who Shall Stand Against Me? comes on, this rather depressive emotions are still heavily present, with the rather slow pace that the band chooses to take, along with the riffs and melodies that are on the track further reinforcing this negativity that one feels while listening to the track. That dissonance that is present even reminds one slightly of French bands such as Deathspell Omega, making things even more uneasy for the listener.

But things start to quicken up in the middle of the track, and here the instrumentations, along with the heavy atmosphere that shrouds the music, one quickly looks to bands such as Satanic WarmasterDrowning the Light or closer to home, Judas Iscariot. This even more so with the presence of Werwolf as one of the musicians on Blue Miasma, and the moments where his additional vocals are present (and definitely extremely welcome to me), one can’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance to Satanic Warmaster. Even the riffing on tracks such as The Blue Mist bear some rather striking similarities to the aforementioned, with the riffing style, the rather simplistic drumming of Winterheart on the track, and the desolation that is heavily present on the track.

Apparently Blue Miasma stands out in Krieg‘s discography as a rather different effort from previous releases, and honestly I have no idea at all, Blue Miasma being the first proper encounter with the band. For the most part, Krieg goes at a mid-pace on Blue Miasma, with an extremely heavy focus on the atmosphere and the emotions that are evoked in the listener. But with the style that the band has presented on this release, it has sure intrigued me enough to further discover their releases.

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