Album Review: Kult of Taurus – Divination Labyrinths

Kult of Taurus - Divination Labyrinths

Kult of Taurus [Greece]
Divination Labyrinths
Full Length
Forever Plagued Records
Black Metal

Hellenic black metal squad Kult of Taurus has been practising their craft since 2007, but it isn’t until last year when the band finally dropped their debut full length album, Divination Labyrinths. With the excellent work of bands such as Ravencult or Burial Hordes, to the producing of legends like Rotting Christ, one would almost know what to expect of bands from Greece. However, as Kult of Taurus goes to prove on Divination Labyrinths, they are more than capable to just stick to the mould that has already been put ahead of them by others.

The emphasis on the atmospheric elements is already obvious with the introductory track, with the dark and rather broody atmosphere drenching the spoken samples that send chills down the listener’s back. Yet all hell break loose as soon as Channeling End begins, and one is hit by some raw and energetic black metal. The riffs of of Bile and Sythanagon are intense and relentless, with a tone that is raw as fuck, giving Divination Labyrinths a nice 90s touch. This is added by the furious speed that drummer Hellscum goes at, and the whole coalescing of the sounds easily remind one of early black metal bands such as Mayhem or Darkthrone. The tortured vocals of Sarpedon even helps to bring about comparison with bands such as Watain.

But things are not simply a speed fest over here, and the atmospherics are key in making Divination Labyrinths a rather enjoyable album. The instrumentation and songwriting both add to the overall chilling and disturbing effects of Divination  Labyrinths, like the usage of the more silent moments and clean guitars on Tree of Gifts Pt. 1 – Void. Songs often intertwine neck-breaking speed fests and slower, and somewhat calming segments before breaking into dissonance once more. The style of writing and playing, especially by guitarists Bile and Sythanagon at times even bring about some slight resemblance to the dissonant style of French bands like Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega.

Kult of Taurus‘ debut might not provide that rather thrashy style that Hellenic black metal is known for, but Divination Labyrinths is still a rather satisfying record, with a wide range of influences that can be heard on the album, though I must say, it did took quite a while for Divination Labyrinths to really sink in.

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