Album Review: Loathing – We are the Hunt

Loathing - We are the Hunt

Loathing [Poland]
We are the Hunt
Full Length
Death/Sludge Metal

With the band stating that they play a style of “aggressive, technical death/sludge metal with strong doom and thrash influences”, Loathing immediately got me rather curious with their debut full length album, We are the Hunt.

The mention of anything Polish would immediately bring to one’s mind bands like Behemoth or Vader, but right from the opening riffs of I Rot Inside, guitarists Kuba and Mariachi quickly remind one of bands such as Benediction and Bolt Thrower with that lethal combination of grooviness and crushing heaviness in their playing, though the slight thrashy edge also brings about comparisons to Vader. That slight technicality that the axe-wielding duo exudes are even rather reminiscent of Behemoth and Azarath.

But as the band promised, there is more to Loathing compared to your standard Polish death metal releases (and to be honest, Behemoth kinda bores me to tears). As the album progressed, the sludge and slight stoner elements start to become clearer, and there are even moments on the album where the songs could even start sounding rather comfortable in a Mastodon or High on Fire album. This especially so with the clever usage of softer segments like on Blood Breed, giving a short respite to the listener from the high intensity listening experience so far. The high energy drumming of Don also captures the listener fully, who manages to alternate between the more blasting style of the death metal face of Loathing, and a style that is more befitting of the sludge side of the band.

Perhaps unintentionally, the band has even managed to include some black metal elements as well, most prominently in the riffs of Kuba and Mariachi, like on Red Sands.

We are the Hunt is probably one of the more exciting and interesting new releases that I have heard out of Poland in quite a long time, and with the whole host of influences that the band has included in their debut, it is only a matter of time before Loathing gets the recognition that they deserve.

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