Album Review: Lucifericon – The Occult Waters

Lucifericon - The Occult Waters

Lucifericon [Netherlands]
The Occult Waters
2012/2013 (reissue)
Independent/Blood Harvest Records (reissue)
Death Metal

While the Dutch have solidified their death metal style with bands like Pestilence and Asphyx being the hallmark of Dutch death metal, Lucifericon instead presents a rather different style of extremity with their debut EP, The Occult Waters. Originally released last year independently, the release has caught the ears of the excellent Blood Harvest, and ditching the rather cheesy original album artwork, Blood Harvest reissues The Occult Waters with a new artwork, yet retaining the feel and theme of the original.

Introductory track Infinituum sets a disturbing and heavy atmosphere for Lucifericon, leaving one in a state of unease that will continue for the rest of the release. I have to admit, things are at quite an anti-climax as The Temple of Lucifericon greets the listener after the climactic, rather high tension that the intro built with the mid-pace that Lucifericon goes at, but things escalate rather quickly. The heavily trem-picked riffs and thrashy speed that the band goes at brings in the Floridian death metal influences that the band has, with the riffing styles being rather reminiscent of early Morbid Angel.

The somewhat blackened touches that the band includes in their writing also helps to reinforce the entire atmosphere and mood of the album, and moments like these remind one of the Gene Palubicki projects like Perdition Temple and Apocalypse Command. Yet unlike the frantic lead guitar style that the aforementioned bands utilise, Lucifericon‘s solos are often tastefully included, with every intention being the reinforcement of the dark and heavy atmosphere on The Occult Waters, like on Moon Over Fading Statues, where an acoustic guitar is also used to reinforce the entire emotion that is on the track.

On The Occult WatersLucifericon fully displays their ability to go from fast and chaotic to slower and more melancholic moments, all the while not losing any of their intensity at all, making this a nice EP to draw all fans of death metal in.

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