Album Review: Mammoth Grinder – Underworlds


Mammoth Grinder [USA]
Full Length
20 Buck Spin
Death Metal/Crust

I have been rather interested in the crusty style of death metal ever since my first exposure to bands such as Nuclear Death Terror, with their foundations being more punk-based rather than extreme metal and fusing elements of that and death metal to create an energetic and aggressive style of music. Mammoth Grinder‘s third full length effort, Underworlds see the band continuing in the direction that they have taken with their 2009 release Extinction of Humanity, moving away from the punk and sludge sound that they have created in their earlier days.

The heavy punk elements that the band has incorporated into their music is rather obvious, and right from the start with the somewhat groovy riffs and the punkish energy that the band emanates, one is quickly reminded of bands such as Toxic Holocaust and other Joel Grind-related projects, with the heavy usage of d-beats by drummer Brian, and especially with the vocals of Chris, being somewhat similar to the way Joel does his vocals on Toxic Holocaust.

Yet things are certainly much more death metal oriented on Underworlds, and the dirty tone of the guitars, along with the riffing patterns of Chris and Wade further bring about some old school Swedish death metal comparisons, reminding one of the death ‘n’ roll material of bands such as Entombed and Feral or even Grave. There are somewhat slower moments on the album as well like on Barricades, and the crushing impact that these moments bring with them and that feeling of imminent doom also brings about some slight Asphyx comparisons.

The fun and moshpit-friendly music doesn’t reduce the anger that the band expresses in their lyrics though, with their themes revolving around things like anger and death, and the vocals of Chris definitely helps in expressing the aggressive and negative emotions that are contained within the tracks. Underworlds is certainly a nice and enjoyable release for those looking for an outlet for a short burst of aggression.

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