Album Review: Misery Index – Live in Munich

Misery Index - Live in Munich

Misery Index [USA]
Live in Munich
Season of Mist
Death Metal/Grindcore

Despite the band’s rather long running history, Live in Munich is Misery Index‘s first live album release (not counting the Anarchos release DVD Vol. 1). And despite the band’s prominence in death/grind, I haven’t really actually heard much from the band, and with the band’s live album being my first proper Misery Index album is certainly apt, with my personal preference of live releases over studio recordings.

I think it doesn’t take much for one to understand the significance of live recordings, and in order for an excellent live release, the band not only has to be able to perform the original tracks either flawlessly or be able to improvise on the spot, all the while ensuring that the audience is kept captivated with the energy and the stage presence of the band. Misery Index, being an extremely seasoned band, certainly managed to get these right. Without wasting much time with the intro on Sleeping Giants, all hell quickly break loose as the band unleashes their brand of death/grind upon the crowd.

Each of the musicians in the band easily prove their familiarity with the craft, with each crushing riff and each drum roll being executed with deadly precision and merciless impact. Drummer Adam easily steals the limelight, with the high energy that he provides to the music and the tireless blasts that are aplenty throughout the setlist and it is the drumming that really makes Live in Munich an extremely enjoyable experience for me. Jason’s vocals are as brutal as it gets, and his charm on the crowd is evident through the crowd interactions that are littered throughout the release.

One thing that usually bugs me on live albums are the mix of the instruments on the release, but Live in Munich manages to get everything right, with each of the instruments being clearly audible, ensuring the impact of Misery Index‘s music remains as crushing as possible. Not only are the two guitars easily distinguishable between each other, but the bass can also be clearly heard throughout, providing much of the low-end growl on the album.

The setlist of Live in Munich largely consists of tracks from the band’s last studio offering, Heirs to Thievery, so music-wise, fans of the album should certainly should certainly know what to look forward to, with the perfect balance between brutality and technicality that at times remind one of bands like Dying Fetus and Decapitated. Fans of Misery Index and the album would certainly enjoy this release, with the nice live atmosphere, on top of the flawless execution of the tracks. The only thing that might disappoint fans is perhaps the short run time of the release, lasting less than 35 minutes in total.

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