Album Review: Miserycore – Get Total Apart

Miserycore [Chile]
Get Total Apart
Black/Thrash Metal

I was initially tricked by the name of the band – Miserycore – to think that it was some form of an emo or -core band, but hey, it’s not my fault right? Merging 2 words that I have come to dislike quite a lot together, and with both words full of negative connotations. Yes I know, there is Misery Index and all that other “Misery” bands but Miserycore takes it to another level. It was fortunate though that I decided to get over the band name and just give this EP a listen.

The album starts off with (also) a deceiving introduction, with an acoustic (was it keyboards or guitars?) intro that brings listeners back to the neo-classical era. However, when the song starts off one knows instantly that this is going to be an insane ride with the infectious riffs in the song. When the vocals come in though, it could be a hit-or-miss affair. JAG’s shouts are distorted and mixed extremely muddy into the mix, which could be a put-off for some but it certainly sat well with me, in fact complementing the music that is available on the EP – fast and chaotic black/thrash metal.

Of course the thrash metal side of the band shows with the reckless shredding that sometimes remind us of Kerry King’s style (pardon me for I am not a huge thrash metal fan and my knowledge of thrash guitarists are limited). When the guitar solo is absent from the song, the band also never fails to proudly show off their virtuosity on other instruments such as on Gas Them All where a facerippingly-fast bass solo is presented, throwing the listener off guard if he bothers listening hard enough to detect it. Speed metal influences are also available and aplenty such as on the title track.

The lyrical contents of the album also show the band’s tongue-in-cheek style, singing about thrash metal, death and solidarity. The lyrics that particular struck me was that of the opening track, We’ll Take Command where they proclaim:

“We`ve grown like dead flowers in Valpo’s port
Along with 90’s “brutal” “death” “metal” scene
there were no trades, pure fags!
How could they proclam theirselves as real metal heads??
Now we’ve come with hatred guitar riffs ,summoning metal from the past
we are the chain armed militia
Hell thrashing bangers we’re possessed by our wicked minds”

Thereafter telling the listener that “We will take command!!”

A good 15 minute of fun black/thrash metal, if you are a fan of crossover/thrash metal this album is definitely recommended for you with the speedy riffs. It’s just a shame that the band is currently on hold, leaving new fans like myself waiting anxiously for announcements about the future of the band.

Miserycore on the internet:
Morbid Kult Records

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