Album Review: Morbid Execution – Vulgar Darkness

Morbid Execution [Poland]
Vulgar Darkness
Full Length
Deathgasm Records
Black/Death Metal

Morbid Execution, the side project of two-thirds of Polish black/death metal band Throneum this year releases their proper debut full length album after about 10 years of nothing but splits and demos. Throneum has made their name with their filthy brand of black/death metal, leaving one to wonder the style that the same madmen behind the band would produce with Morbid Execution on Vulgar Darkness.

While the music on Vulgar Darkness retains that black metal aspects that Throneum has, there is a slightly more thrashy attitude that is present here, sounding like a more death metal-styled version of black/thrash bands like Bestial Mockery, with the riffing and playing style of guitarist Mr. Bomber and the d-beat infused drumming style of Uncle Morbid. The thrashy side of the band is also displayed with the mostly short tracks that are present on the album, as the band obviously prefers their dose of brutality and blasphemy to be quick and direct. The death metal aesthetic is further brought out through the gruff and aggressive growls of Uncle Morbid, which is unlike the Death-inspired style of The Great Executor on Throneum releases.

The muddy and raw production quality on Vulgar Darkness also enhances that filthy, blasphemous experience and perverted themes that runs throughout the album, though none of the instruments on the album are compromised as each of them are clearly audible throughout, especially the heavy rumbling bass. Such heavier moments are especially pleasurable on slower moments on the album, such as on Rusted and Demonized, where the band takes a break from their usual fast and thrashy pace, and instead crush the listener under heavy riffs at a doom-pace. Fortunately though, this is perhaps the only slow track that is on the album as the band quickly reverts to their usual style just as Rusted and Demonized began to drag on for too long.

Though there are some moments on the album that present some inconsistent songwriting such as Dreadful Romance, for the most part, Vulgar Darkness is a rather pleasant, if somewhat predictable journey for fans of dirty black/death metal.

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