Album Review: Morbidity – Pits of Eternal Torment

Morbidity [Bangladesh]
Pits of Eternal Torment
Imperium Productions
Death Metal

The Bangladesh underground metal scene has certainly excited me a little ever since discovering the excellent Orator, displaying the increasing growth of this genre in a country that is little known for extreme metal. Morbidity is probably the second metal band aside from Orator that I encounter, and this year sees the band unleashing their brand of old school death metal in the form of their debut demo, Pits of Eternal Torment.

As would be expected of a demo, the production quality of Pits of Eternal Torment are extremely raw, and it sounds as though the band recorded the demo in a live setting. While this would typically be a reason for complaint for most other releases, Morbidity fortunately manages to capture the live raw energy of the band and is an excellent example of their live performances. Of course, the details of some of the instruments can be lost at times, such as the mostly inaudible bass guitar, but this does not stop the band from progressing forwards with full fury and anger. The drums, on the other hand, hammer mercilessly on the listener’s ears and work with Defiler’s abrasive vocals to provide the aggression in the music.

Music-wise, Morbidity‘s style of death metal sticks to the old-school format, with a tinge of thrash metal that is included at times as well, as can be heard on the intro of the self-titled track, Morbidity. The energy in the music is kept up with the fast pace and heavy riffs that are present throughout the demo. Pits of Eternal Torment even has an old-school Swedish death metal sound in the riffing patterns as well and while I’m not a particularly huge fan of Swedish death metal, Morbidity manages to prevent themselves from sounding cheesy. The ethnic-sounding lead guitars in the middle of the track also helps to keep things interesting. The old-school influence that the band has are further displayed through the included live cover version of Nunslaughter‘s Killed by the Cross, a fitting tribute to the band especially with the raw and energetic performance by Morbidity.

Extreme metal has been sprouting out from all corners of the globe, and while many tend to end up imitating pioneers of their respective genres, it is precisely bands like Morbidity who dare to innovate and include their unique personal touch to the music that help to prevent things from sounding stale. Pits of Eternal Torment has been an extremely enjoyable listen, and is recommended for those who like raw old-school death metal.

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