Album Review: Nader Sadek – The Malefic: Chapter III

Nader Sadek - The Malefic

Nader Sadek [USA]
The Malefic: Chapter III
Death Metal

My first encounter with the petrophiliac band Nader Sadek was last year on their live album, Living Flesh, which got me extremely interested in the entire concept that mastermind Nader Sadek was able to conjure up, both in studio and under live settings. This year sees the band finally releasing new material, with some shifts in the lineup, with their brand new EP The Malefic: Chapter III.

With the strong comparisons to bands like Ulcerate and Steve Tucker-era Morbid Angel on In the Flesh, I almost expected the band to retain similar stylistics as before, yet on The Malefic Nader Sadek and co. show their growth and evolution as musicians and as a a band. The most obvious is the inclusion of new vocalist Travis Ryan, whose deeper vocals add a slightly more brutal death metal touch, and this is noticeable right from Deformation by Incision.

The shift in direction of the band can also be heard in the playing of Rune Eriksen, and on The Malefic, his riffs and guitar lines seem to be of a more melodic nature, rather than the completely oppressive and suffocating material that was on In the Flesh. This is definitely not a bad thing, with the band even bringing in some slight Hour of Penance and even Behemoth comparisons at times on this short 4-track release.

Yet this isn’t to say that the focus on atmospherics is gone, as Nader Sadek proves that music doesn’t always have to be heavy to keep the listener feeling out of breath. For instance, Rune’s guitar lines often bring in a slight blackened touch, and moments towards the end of songs like Carrion Whispers and the opening moments of Descent are good examples of how the band can conjure a haunting atmosphere among the madness going on around.

The Malefic also qualifies as an all-star project, and apart from the high profile of the band members, the EP also boasts appearances from prolific and established musicians such as Alex Webster, Andreas Kisser and more.The leads that Andreas and Bobby Koelble add to the tracks for instance, give them a nice touch, adding to the overall chaos and anxiety that one feels.

Nader Sadek‘s The Malefic: Chapter III will be released as a free CD insert this November and December via Decibel Magazine issue #122, so fans of death metal should not miss this opportunity to treat your ears to some quality death metal.

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