Album Review: Nechbeyth – Coerce Creed

Nechbeyth - Coerce Creed

Nechbeyth [Singapore]
Coerce Creed
Iron Bonehead Productions
Black/Death Metal

Chancing upon Nechbeyth‘s debut full length album Blood. Axis. Domination in 2011 left me rather surprised (and breathless), not knowing until then that such bestial war metal existed in Singapore. This year marks the band’s return with yet another round of aural onslaught with their brand new EP, Coerce Creed.

The war themes that the band presented on Blood. Axis. Domination are still strongly present, as the intro to Coerce Creed goes to show with the sounds of nuclear warfare going on and a spoken sample detailing the consequences of the nuclear bomb, leaving an image of destruction and apocalypse in the listener’s mind. The first sounds of violence on KSMT Oath that hit the listener quickly reminds one of classic Canadian bands such as Conqueror and Revenge, though the musical style of Nechbeyth leans closer to the latter, especially with the chaotic riffs of guitarist Zavael and the seemingly random pick scratches that pierce through the backdrop. The buildup on KSMT Oath also reminds one of the classic War Cult Supremacy, slowly building the climax before letting all hell break loose on Ruination Conquest.

Unlike the rather formless style that Nechbeyth took on Blood. Axis. Domination which was rather reminiscent of Deiphago‘s older material or Nyogthaeblisz, songs like Ruination Conquest lean more towards the style of bands such as Black Witchery, what with that buzzing tone of guitarist Zavael and the frantic punishing of the drum kit by Narsamum.

Nechbeyth‘s transition between styles has been rather obvious between Blood. Axis. Domination and Coerce Creed, but this has definitely not been something negative, with the band managing to retain that sense of urgency and intensity throughout the entirety of Coerce Creed. Fans of the Ross Bay Cult, or to make a comparison closer to home, bands like Zygoatsis, would certainly enjoy this bestial as fuck release.

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