Album Review: Necrophobic – Womb of Lilithu

Necrophobic - Womb of Lilithu

Necrophobic [Sweden]
Womb of Lilithu
Full Length
Season of Mist
Black Metal

Necrophobic is another one of those names that need no introduction when it comes to Swedish black metal, having been around since 1989. Four years after the band’s last full length album, they finally put out Womb of Lilithu, their seventh full length effort in their 24-year career so far (which is to be vocalist Tobias’ swan song with the band as well).

Having constantly putting out quality releases, Necrophobic proves themselves to be a rather consistent band. Opening track Womb of Lilithu creates a rather epic soundscape with the symphonic orchestration, and with the rather ominous mood being set up, all hell break loose as soon as Splendour Nigri Solis kicks off. Along with that rather melodic riffs that are unleashed by Tobias and Fredrik and the structure of the songs, Tobias’ gruff growls and the progression of the album bring about comparisons with fellow Swedes such as WatainOndskapt and Valkyrja. Drummer Joakim provides much of the energy with his consistent, quick and strong punishment of the skins. To further strengthen this comparison, melodic, soaring leads by Fredrik are aplenty throughout the album, allowing him to show off his melodic chops along with his technical prowess, at times even bringing in some Dissection comparison.

At the same time the band doesn’t fail to address the atmospheric aspects of the album. Apart from the slower, more mid-paced moments on the album, the band also inserts clean singing at various points of the album, bring about some rather ritualistic elements, ensuring that Womb of Lilithu is a nice balance between aggression, melody and the occult. The modern production quality on the album certainly works in the band’s favour as well, bringing out the essence of their music more effectively and leaving a deeper impact on the listener.

The inclusion of the slight neoclassical elements on tracks like Womb of Lilithu and Amdusias makes the album all the more enchanting, and one often feels himself drifting off to the art that Necrophobic has created on Womb of Lilithu.

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