Album Review: Nekrofilth – Devil’s Breath

Nekrofilth - Devil's Breath

Nekrofilth [USA]
Devil’s Breath
Full Length
Hells Headbangers Records
Death/Thrash Metal/Crossover

With a name like Nekrofilth, even someone who has never had prior encounters with the band would know what to expect from them. Devil’s Breath is the band’s sophomore full length effort, following numerous split and EP releases since their debut full length in 2011.

The band quickly kicks off the album with Crave the Grave, and immediately the heavy punk influences are rather clear, not only with the d-beat styled drumming of Jon, but also in the rather simplistic riffing of Zack and his equally raw and energetic vocal delivery, spitting out the lyrics to the tracks with seething rage. The bass of Tony are also mixed rather high, packing a nice, crisp punch throughout the record. The fusion of death and thrash metal influences in their style at times also reminds one of death metal influenced crust bands such as Nuclear Death Terror or a death metal version of Opposition Party. There are even moments on the record where the speed and heaviness are rather reminiscent of bands like Slayer and the intensity of songs like Deep Inside Disease even borders on grindcore territory.

The lyrical themes on the album are also rather straightforward, ranging from pure anger and hatred to themes of death to rather tongue-in-cheek moments like on Volcanic Zit, which easily leaves one chuckling at the silliness of the band. Yet, whatever the lyrics Zack may be spitting out on the record, the band manages to ensure that the listener is constantly kept engaged with the high quality music that the band writes.

Each of the songs on Devil’s Breath is short and sweet, extremely suitable for those with short attention spans, yet long enough for the band to leave an impression on the listener. Nekrofilth‘s sophomore has been an impressive effort, and with the energetic punkish riffs mashed with the death and thrash influences, Devil’s Breath is a record that would capture the hearts of punk and metal fans alike.

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