Album Review: Nepente – Suffering is the Seed

Nepente - Suffering is the Seed

Nepente [Colombia]
Suffering is the Seed
2012 (Digital)/2013 (CD)
Full Length Blast Media
Black/Death Metal

South American extreme metal is not know to be subtle, with some of the harshest and barbaric sounds coming out of the region, and Nepente proudly upholds the tradition with Suffering is the Seed, the band’s second full length album in 8 years since their formation in 2003.

Having Suffering is the Seed being mastered in the famed Hertz Recording Studio, it is perhaps not surprising that Nepente‘s sound parallels those of Polish bands such as Hate and Behemoth and the black/death metal that these bands have crafted. The opening title track starts off at a mid-pace, but this is merely the calm before the storm before the wall of brick hits the listener as the band blazes forward at breakneck speed soon enough. The riffs unleashed by guitarists Esteban and Pablo are brutal and crushing as fuck, and they quickly alternate between heavy chugging segments and trem-picked ones, skipping back and forth between brutal death metal and just classic Swedish-inspired black metal.

For instance, tracks like Hell is the Name of this Land easily brings to one’s mind Pazer Division-era Marduk with the high energy black metal and the riffs that are on the track. For the most part though, the sound is Polish as fuck, especially Jose’s vocals, sounding like Nergal’s though he display a higher range of styles, at times going to high pitched shrieks, giving the songs a heavier black metal touch. The song structures and the songwriting also lean pretty close to the aforementioned Polish bands, though the barbarity of these South Americans is pretty evident as the band puts in a somewhat more reckless sound, resulting in an one that is more chaotic and authentic sounding at the same time.

The thing that really stands out on Suffering is the Seed though is the drumming of Mauricio. There is not a single moment where the drums let up as Mauricio blasts away non stop right from the start of the album, whether it is from the fast foot work on the double bass pedals or the insane fills that are littered throughout. And it is as though the riffs themselves weren’t abrasive enough, Mauricio ups the brutality level in the music, and the drums are what mainly causes the heavy impact on the album.

If you love Polish death metal, but with a more brutal and more reckless touch, Nepente‘s Suffering is the Seed is definitely one album to look out for.

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