Album Review: October Falls – The Plague of a Coming Age

October Falls - The Plague of a Coming Age

October Falls [Finland]
The Plague of a Coming Age
Full Length
Debemur Morti Productions
Dark Metal

While the band started off playing music that is heavily inspired by folk and nature, October Falls has increasingly included heavier elements into their music, with numerous comparisons to bands such as Opeth and Katatonia being thrown about in their later materials. This year sees the band releasing their fourth opus, entitled The Plague of a Coming Age under Debemur Morti Productions, and while this is the first time encountering October Falls, I am certainly rather excited to see what the band has put in place on the album.

The folk and ambient elements are still rather clear from the opening track, the instrumental intro At the Edge of an Empty Horizon, with the percussions that are used and the sound samples at the background. But as the fist melodies of the guitars strike the listener, the depressive rock/metal influence of bands such as Katatonia become pretty clear, with the melodies of guitarist/band mastermind Lehto invoking a sense of melancholy and sadness within the listener. Even the growls and shrieks of Lehto reek of desperation and desolation, adding to the heavy-heartedness that is already apparent in the craft of October Falls.

The emotion and melancholy is heavily contrasted with the hard hitting and intense drumming of Marko, who provides lots of the energy and intensity in the music as well, and the epic and somewhat folkish style that he plays in at times even brings about some slight comparisons to Bathory, had the band gone in a more melancholic direction.

Depressive metal bands such as Katatonia have failed to really interest me especially with their later works, often with the band focussing too much on the emotional aspect and failing to live up to their more metal-oriented past, but October Falls has managed to keep me completely enchanted throughout the entirety of The Plague of a Coming Age, and is honestly quite an impressive and enjoyable album even for someone who isn’t that much into this sub-genre of metal.

October Falls on the internet:
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