Album Review: Omision – In The Shadow of the Cross

Omision [Mexico]
In the Shadow of the Cross
Full Length
Chaos Records
Death/Thrash Metal

Being formed back in 1993, and the hiatus in 1997 before restarting in 2000, Omision joins the number of bands that have been formed a long way back, yet are only releasing materials only recently. Among the ranks of the members are Robert Lizarraga, one time member of Incantation, and Joel Marquez, ex-member of Sadistic Intent. It is therefore interesting to hear how this album, having been brewing for at least 10 years, will turn out to be.

The music on the album is solid death/thrash metal, filled with crushing guitar riffs, with an extremely distorted tone, backed by a solid rhythm section. The guitar solos that are unleashed by guitarist Roberto are also constantly face-ripping, reminiscent of thrash legends such as Slayer and Possessed. The drums take an intense punishing, with drummer Joel constantly hitting the skins relentlessly, complete with a crisp production, making the beats feel as if a punch in the face. The primitive tribal beats on Pray bring in a early Sepultura feel, adding a different dimension in the music as well. His play on the cymbals on the intro of Fallen Angels display his ability to control the strength in the drumming, yet on the same track the beats that he utilises feel punkish (the cymbal-snare combination), adding yet another interesting aspect to the music.

The dark atmosphere provided throughout the album are reminiscent of bands such as Incantation. The acoustic guitar at the background on tracks such as Assault in the Vatican add to the haunting atmosphere, making the listener feel as if he were listening to this record in an abandoned church, before the breaking of a slow and tasteful guitar solo into the song. The speedier sections are reminiscent of Vader, with vocalist/guitarist Heriberto sounding almost similar to Vader‘s Peter.

The album ends with For Those Far Away, an acoustic instrumental track with rain in the background.

Another interesting trivia (wonder if it was intentionally placed by the band) was the way the tracks were named and placed in order, seemingly made to flow nicely from track to track. For example, tracks 2 and 3 are named Your God and Won’t be Saved respectively, and track 4 and 5 being Assault in the Vatican and Beyond the Burning Gates. Coincidence? I should think not!

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