Album Review: Origin – Omnipresent

Origin - Omnipresent

Origin [USA]
Full Length
Agonia Records
Technical/Brutal Death Metal

What a ridiculously good year for death metal this has been, with outstanding releases ranging from legends such as Misery Index and Hour of Penance to those of younger bands like The Kennedy Veil and ArchspireOrigin joins the party slightly late with their sixth full length album, Omnipresent, also their debut under the excellent Agonia Records.

With so many good technical death metal releases already, one’s standard would undoubtedly be set higher for veterans who have created and solidified the sound of technical/brutal death metal, and what more of a band of such stature as Origin. Fortunately, being the pros that they are, Origin more than manages to satisfy the ravenous hunger of fans, and Omnipresent leaves one hungry for even more. All Things Dead see the band continuing in the veins of the style that they had laid down on 2011’s Entity, and immediately the majestic riffs unleashed by Paul Ryan crushes the listener like a freight train, reminding one of the style of bands such as Nile or Hour of Penance. This especially so with that technicality and complexity that the band likes to infuse in the midst of all the crushing chaos, and that rather high mix of the bass ingenuity of Mike Flores. Interludes such as Permanence and Continuum especially give the band time to show off their abilities on their instruments, as Paul shows off his neoclassical chops on these tracks.

At the same time, the band retains that slightly grindish edge in their songwriting as well. The urgency in Thrall:Fulcrum:Apex and that sudden breakdown halfway through the track even brings to mind what Wormrot or Insect Warfare would have written, leaving a lasting impact on the listener as though the death metal of Origin weren’t sufficient to suffocate the listener. The usage of shrieks on top of Jason Keyser’s growls also help to reinforce this grind comparison, and is definitely useful in reinforcing the heaviness that is on Omnipresent.

If one loved the material that Origin presented on Entity, then Omnipresent will definitely impress, with the band further solidifying and polishing the sound on this new masterpiece.

[xrr rating=5/5]

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