Album Review: Parris Hyde – I Killed My Wife with a Knife

Parris Hyde - I Killed My Wife with a Knife

Parris Hyde [Italy]
I Killed My Wife with a Knife
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

When I received the promotional package of Italian melodic hard rock/heavy metal band Parris Hyde, I wasn’t sure whether to take them seriously or not at all. On top of the CD containing the album, the band had even included a photo of the titular band mastermind Parris Hyde in the envelop that contained the CD. Upon further consideration, this was hardly surprising at all, considering the self-indulgent style that bands such as Parris Hyde tend to create. What’s important, after all, is the quality of the musical output of the band.

Despite the rather controversial title of their EP, I Killed My Wife with a Knife, the music on the EP is actually pretty fucking mild. Kicking off the EP with the eponymous track, Parris Hyde‘s musical style is an extremely melodic form of hard rock/heavy metal, with some power metal sensibilities, that at times brings to mind my earliest forays into the metal genre with bands such as Sonata Arctica, though on Parris Hyde the vocals have a more annoying quality. One World is a social-commentary-power ballad, cheesy as fuck, and along with that image of the band, makes it even harder to take the band seriously, sounding like one of those parody bands like Steel Dragon from the movie, Rock Star, only way cheesier.

That said, there is a slight moment of genius that the band included with the instrumental track Alone, which while I hate to admit, enjoy it a lot. The melodies that Parris Hyde pulls out from his guitar, along with the melancholic atmosphere of the entire track is charming as fuck, and reminds me of those classic ballads of X Japan that I love so much, and is probably the only good track from this release. The track even allows for each of the members to really show off their talents, with even that slight neo-classical touch that is included.

The production on the EP is also nothing to shout about, and while is extremely clean, ends up sounding extremely dead and sterile as well. The drums on the title track, and the guitar tone on One World in particular bug me like hell, and makes it even harder to listen to I Killed My Wife with a Knife.

Honestly, with the rather mediocre songwriting on tracks with vocals contrasted by the instrumental track, Parris Hyde would be better off being an instrumental band than what they are right now.

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

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