Album Review: Perdition Temple – Edict of the Antichrist Elect

Perdition Temple [USA]
Edict of the Antichrist Elect
Full Length
Black/Death Metal

The 2009 announcement of Angelcorpse‘s split due to musical differences caused much disappointment among Angelcorpse fans, and saw Pete Helmkamp moving on to focus on his other war metal projects such as Order from Chaos and Revenge. On the other hand, Gene Pablubicki and Terry “Warhead” carried on their scourge on mankind through their new black/death metal project, Perdition Temple.

Edict of the Antichrist Elect is the band’s debut release, and it doesn’t disappoint. The album continues where Angelcorpse left off with 2007’s Of Lucifer and Lightning with influences from other bands such as death metal legends Morbid Angel littered throughout the album. The band wastes no time, getting in your face right from the starting riff with Genocide Evocation, introducing the listener to Perdition Temple with breakneck speeds. Terry certainly proves himself a talented drummer, considering his stints with a whole host of other bands. He hits his drums relentlessly, with insanely fast footwork that continues throughout the entire album. There are also certain complex moments such as on From this Darkness of Flesh, showing his versatility behind the kit.

While Gene had initially announced the search for a vocalist for the project, he ended up handling the vocals as well, and this proves to be a right choice as his raspy vocals reek of evil and hate, at times sounding like a gruff version of Hail of Bullet‘s Martin van Drunen, growling out the blasphemous lyrics written by both members of the band. Songs such as Testament to Annihilation also display Gene’s obvious talent on his guitars through the insanely fast riffs lashed out upon the listener. In the Name of a Newborn Tyrant is also a shredfest with numerous guitar solos throughout the song. Complex guitar lines seem to be common fare in Edict of the Antichrist Elect as they are constantly presented in the middle of songs.

However, with only 2 members behind this project, the ideas behind the music seem to dry up quickly, with songs starting to sound similar towards the end of the album. At times the songs are so similar that when it transits from one song to another they sound like one song, leaving the listener scratching his head when he realises that it’s a different song. Fortunately, this is made up by the excellent execution by both Gene and Terry, which makes for a lethal potion for those who are craving for some speed, intensity and violence.

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