Album Review: Perdition Temple – Sovereign of the Desolate

Perdition Temple - Sovereign of the Desolate

Perdition Temple [USA]
Sovereign of the Desolate
Hells Headbangers Records
Black/Death Metal

With the demise of AngelcorpsePerdition Temple‘s 2010 debut Edict of the Antichrist elect quickly became one of my favourite releases of the year, yet another outlet for Gene Palubicki to unleash his fury. 4 years on, the band returns with a refreshed and expanded lineup with their brand new, 2-track EP Sovereign of the Desolate. Now featuring Impurath of Black Witchery fame and ex-Angelcorpse axe-man Bill Taylor amongst their ranks, Perdition Temple is quickly shaping up to be another exciting black/death metal act.

The past 4 years of studio silence hasn’t been in vain, as Perdition Temple strikes back harder than before with renewed vengeance. With Bill and Gene back together once more on guitar duties, their riffs are razor sharp and crushing at the same time. The urgency in their guitar works quickly bring one back to the good old days of Exterminate and the likes, though Bill’s influences from Immolation may have also shone through in the darkness that is portrayed by his furious riffing.

The personal highlight over here though is Impurath’s vocal contributions to the band’s style. The harshness in his works with Black Witchery have certainly been brought over, giving Perdition Temple a even more aggressive edge this time round. That slight echo on his vocals even provides some nice war metal touches, and this is even more evident on the Blasphemy cover, Weltering in Blood on the EP.

Short as the EP may, Sovereign of the Desolate has given a nice preview of what Perdition Temple has in store for followers of the band for their upcoming full length release, The Tempter’s Victorious that is to drop later this month.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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